GIULIETTAVERONA: a project with foresight, since 1596. A young Italian trademark which aims to become a LifeStyle that expresses in its essence the culture of its birthplace: Verona.

GIULIETTAVERONA is top craftsmanship and constant innovation. A mix of values that arise from the continual search for original ideas and top quality manufacturing and the meticulous creation of products that stand out and distinguish themselves because of their unmistakable rock-romantic style.

GIULIETTAVERONA embodies the idea of a cross-sectoral brand, where all the items, products, services or goods can exploit a concept of Italian lifestyles, sentiment, passion and global renown.

The project is based on the marketing of its own products as well as in co-branding agreements of diverse types of goods, registered in the national and international registration of the trademark.


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