Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe (or simply Piazza Erbe) is the pulsing heart of Italy's most romantic city. It is the oldest square of Verona and rises above the old Roman court. During the Imperial age, in fact, it was the centre of the political and economic life of the city.

Piazza delle Erbe today is the most authentic corner of Verona, one in which the buildings, towers, statues and architectonic elements of various ages overlap one another, creating a stratified, harmonically unique and unrepeatable collage. The oldest monument hosted by the square is the fountain surmounted by the statue of Lady Verona.

In 2012 it was baptized by the Marilena Ferrari Foundation as the most loved Italian city in the world. Effectively, this place is able to summarise in itself the evolution of history and tradition blended in an unconfounded setting which for over 2,000 years has been the city's main feature.
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