Juliet's balcony

The famous balcony where Juliet and Romeo held their secret encounters, is one of the most world-renowned places of Verona.
It is precisely here that the tragedy of the two lovers came about, and where fantasy mixed legend with reality, attributing to the various sites, those places where Shakespeare's story occurred.

Juliet's house, where the balcony is found, is just a few hundred meters from the most central Piazza delle Erbe. An impressive gate in wrought iron bears the stem of the Dal Cappello family, and separates its entrance where lovers of all places and ages leave a sign of their love, from the public street.

Just outside the house is a statue erected in memory of Shakepeare's heroine, who made us relive, beyond the myth, the essence of an ancient and fascinating epoch, with the charming and mysterious places of long ago.
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