GiuliettaVerona's charm

Verona the city where lovers wish to confirm their love, as if to put a seal of eternity on their heart, a promise of love and eternal union. Verona is the city where love, lightness, soul rise to fly, protected by the beauty and the history of a timeless city.
GiuliettaVerona lives by the feeling evoked in the most famous everlasting love story, the one between Romeo and Juliet, that takes place in the beautiful Verona. It lives by the beauty and the magnificence of the city art, by the passion and the craftsmanship of skillful Italian artisans. The GiuliettaVerona logo is a seal of quality, style and charm for events, art objects, leather accessories, glamour jewelry, products gourmand and everything that embodies GiuliettaVerona’s values. 
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