Juliet and Romeo, Teatro Stabile del Veneto

GIULIETTAVERONA has partnered the travelling show “Romeo and Juliet” of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Teatro Nazionale. “Romeo and Juliet” is a cultural proposal dedicated to the city of Verona and the myth of Romeo and Juliet, staged for the first time in summer 2015 in the sites Shakespeare imagined.

The show is the on-the-road staging of the world's most famous tragedy in the traditional sites where it was set: from the famed Juliet's Courtyard to the charming Juliet Terrace in the Teatro Nuovo for the final part of the drama.

Sharing the values represented by the enchanting Shakespearian masterpiece and the magic of the city of Verona, the GIULIETTAVERONA brand and the Romeo and Juliet show have signed an important partnership that also provided for the creation of a capsule collection dedicated to the project.

In its staging, the theater piece inserted the GIULIETTAVERONA jewelry and the necklace with the GIULIETTAVERONA logo, symbol of love, passion, and sentiment is the gift symbol exchanged between Romeo and Juliet.

The show will be staged, after its huge success last year, also in the summer of 2016: from 27 June to 29 September from the courtyard of Juliet (Via Cappello) and in the facilities of the Teatro Nuovo every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (and 4 Fridays of August) at 21.00, preceeded at 8.30 pm by a welcome aperitif.
The show will be presented in two versions, in Italian and English, thanks to the cooperation with the famous English Kings Theatre Trust Ltd. of Portsmouth City (Hampshire). In both versions an actor will support the show with narrations in both Engish or Italian.

The Italian version will be repeated from 27 June to 9 July and from 19 September to 29 September, while the show in the original language will be presented from 11 July to 17 September.

For further information see;www.teatrostabileveneto.it
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