The Arena amphitheater is the most majestic and imposing monument of the city. It is a huge eye-catching fortress because of its majesty which recalls the force and power of the Scala family that ruled the city.

The fortess was built at the entrance to the city, straddling over the old town walls. The structure recalls many of the old medieval castles described in the most famous fables, with its towers and crenellated walls, the deep moat and drawbridges.

Due to this, together with other important monuments, it is probably one of the places that inspired William Shakespeare to write the world's most renowned love story.

From the postwar period up to today, the castle has hosted the most important town museum, one of the most visited in Italy and which hosts the works of great artists like Pisanello, Veronese, Tintoretto and Mantegna. This makes it the guardian of an immeasurable heritage, able to convey passion, history and the cult of beauty so typical of Italy.
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