GIULIETTAVERONA is a young Italian trademark which operates in the fashion sector, and aims to become a LifeStyle that expresses in its essence, the culture of its city of birth: Verona.

The genesis of the GIULIETTAVERONA brand and its HEART icon is rich in symbolisms ever since they were designed. The great evocative capacity aimed at transmitting those values of sentiment, passion, force, positivity and brand recognition. A true and proper Made in Italy LifeStyle which finds in Verona its history and evocative fulcrum.

Verona is full of treasures that have always enthralled all with the architectonic details that reveal themselves to the attentive eyes of observers, and one of these caught the attention of the owners of GIULIETTAVERONA for its simplicity and likewise force and beauty: the renaissance rose window.

The particular decorative window in the courtyard of Juliet Capuleti's balcony, had been the "testimonial" of the eternal words of love whispered amid those walls. It is a "seal" in the heart of the great lovers, reinterpreted as a trademark and icon.
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